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The Rantings and ravings of lunatics

05-23-2007 by Helne

It's that time of year again, kids! RTPM needs a new site!

If you're an amateur site designer, or an experienced one going through a midlife crisis with a severe stress on helping the needy, contact me or Acton at Helnebot_7[at]yahoo.com or Acton621[at]gmail.com . Have some samples ready or be prepared to show us some soon.

We're moving to a new server this summer, because- though it's been good to us- Comicgenesis is too difficult to work with. We've pretty much outgrown the crappy husk of a site I threw together back in '05 as well, so why not make our new start a shiny one?

I've been trying to set this up myself, preparing new content and trying to juggle the comic and a normal life in a kind of flaming death-spiral. It's going surprisingly well, but all efforts to make an actually decent new site myself are going wahoonie-shaped fast.

I'd like to stress that because this is a small webcomic with a smaller, fun-pak sized fanbase, we don't have any profits coming in from this yet. This is not a real paying job at present, but hey- exposure is exposure.

Throw us an email if you've got an interest, and we'll talk.

(Old News)
05-05-2008 by Acton

Well...to say it's been a while might be a bit of an understatement I suppose. Last time I posted was february of 2007, and before that im sure a few months earlier. Alot has changed since then, as is expected. An uneventful year is just unheard of, no matter how mundane one's life is. Unless your dead: can't change that one! Right, enough of the morbid humor, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

The comic is still alive. Is anyone reading? Hell if i know. Im sure someone out there is discovering it, having a laugh, then forgetting about it to read the latest Penny Arcade, or go out "clubbin" and getting new haircuts or whatever kids these days do. But its still going, lots of behind the scenes stuff going on, a whole lots of neglect. College and the like, it does it to the best of us. The big boss (Helne) tells me that there will be a brand new home for the comic, complete with new doohickeys and whathaveyous. For any Pimp Mages out there still reading waiting and hoping for updates, head on to oneshot-comic.com. Its still under construction from what you can see. Can't tell you the status of that, for I have long since retired from official updater person of RTPM. Ive moved onto bigger and better, but without the bigger or the better (sardonic much?). So yeah, new address for the site, which is "under construction". And check the forum for any updates. Im sure Helne will post something succulent.

end transmission.

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